Hometown Hero: The Community Lives United

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -- More than $770,000 in grants were recently given to help improve the lives of those living in Warren County, but it could not have been done without your support.

"We raise right around $2 million dollars every year, and we can't do that alone," United Way of Southern Kentucky's President, Steve Wallace, said.

"Live united." That's United Way's goal, and it is exactly what is being done.

"United Way is built around partnerships, that's what we do. We bring partner's together in a unique way to help fund organizations, programs, community issues, that need our need," Wallace said.

But without those partnerships or volunteers, the community impact would be much less.

"The most significant thing about United Way, is that it is the community," BRASS's Executive Director, Lee Alcott said.

It is the community who is putting a lot in...

"Last year our employee campaign actually contributed over $80,000 to United Way," U.S. Bank's Regional President, Craig Browning, said.

And they are also the one's who are getting a lot out.

But BRASS is only one of many organizations who have benefited from United Way. Other grants were given to the Salvation Army, The Boys and Girls Club, and to Community Action of Southern Kentucky. These funds were given based on the work of many volunteers who reviewed programs, finances, and outcomes to determine the greatest impact.

"United Way is saving lives one call at a time. So, it's more than just a phone call, it literally is saving someone's life," Alcott said.

For the people you have reached and the difference you have made, we honor you: the community, as this week's Hometown Hero.

If you would like to learn more about how you can become involved with the local United Way, visit their website at www.uwsk.org

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