Hometown Hero: Tina Rzepka

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- One secretary is going above and beyond to not only honor her son, but the hard working students at Cumberland Trace Elementary. Making her this weeks Hometown Hero.

This year was the eighth year Tina Rzepka and her husband has given out the Matt Rzepka Scholarship.

"It's just such an opportunity for our students, to start coming college are career ready. To be thinking about even though I'm a 5th or a 6th grader I need to have my dream in mind. And she came up with a theme for the scholarship of "how will the college scholarship help me reach my dreams," says Mary Evans the Principal of Cumberland Trace.

It's a scholarship in honor of their son who past away in an accident in 2002.

"She was looking for a fitting way to keep his memory alive, and so that was the reason for the scholarship," said Evans.

One parent says it's a unique reward for the students.

"We are the only school in Warren County that has this type of opportunity for the students and I think it's great," said Janna Goodnight a parent at Cumberland Trace.

Tina and her family have been a big part of the Cumberland Trace Family., but after 27 years it's time for her to retire.

"She always keeps the needs of our families and our students first and foremost. She will do anything for our students and our families and have just done tremendous things. She just knows so much about Cumberland Trace and the Cumberland Trace Community, how to run a school and I will miss her greatly," said Evans.

Tina says the last 27 years have been anything and everything.

"Its been fun, it's been happy, it's been sad, it's been just everything you can imagine," says Tina Rzepka.

But she has good news for her retired days.

"It's very bitter sweet, it's 27 years of being in this Cumberland Trace family. I can't imagine how many kids I've gone through here at school. But I have something to look forward too. My son and his wife are expecting their second baby and I'm gonna be a grandma," says Rzepka.

For helping Elementary school kids get an early start in saving for college, and for going above and beyond at Cumberland Trace, we honor Tina Rzepka as this weeks Hometown Hero.

Even though Tina is retiring she plans on coming back each year to reward Cumberland Trace Students with the Scholarship.

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