Hometown Hero: William Shaw

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For more than 50 years William Shaw, President of the ARC of Barren County, has made it his mission to give those with disabilities a voice.

His hard work has grown to help more than 100 families across the area.

"Four families started the ARC of Barren County in 1998. Now we had an ARC previous to 1998 but it was back in 1962. Since that time we have advocated for individuals with disabilities across the state of Kentucky," says Shaw.

Shaw and members of the ARC in Barren County take those with disabilities on frequent field trips, which brings smiles to their faces. Some families are unable to afford vital wheelchair ramps which is where ARC comes in to help.

Caring for a disabled child hits close to home for Shaw.

"I have a daughter with a disability. She was born in 59 and at that time there was nothing for people with disabilities. They weren't even recognized in the state. They couldn't even go to school," says Shaw.

Much has changed since those days. Shaw says his mission is all about fighting for rights for those who can't.

"If people don't have a need, it doesn't bother them. If they have a need, it bothers them. This is why we are here is to advocate for those who can't advocate for themselves," says Shaw

And he will continue that fight for years to come.

"I don't see that it is something that you can slack up on cause I think in another 50 years I might retire," says Shaw.

For that dedication, serving years to help those with disabilities, we honor William Shaw as this week's Hometown Hero.

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