Hometown Hero Sandy Cardwell

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One Bowling Green woman says that baking cookies and cakes should be for more than just filling your tummy. She puts her recipes towards a good cause.

Sandy Cardwell has found a way to use her love for baking for a good cause.

"Sandy lines the whole teller line with cakes, cookies, and breads and donates all the profits to the heart association," said Christine Silver, a co-worker of Cardwell's.

Sandy has been baking and bringing the goodies with her to work since 1997. She has raised an incredible amount of money for the American Heart Association.

"Over the years we've raised almost $35,000 in this office, our members are amazing and are wonderful about donating," said Cardwell.

Her co-workers say she's a baking machine!

"Sandy is amazing! She has a lot of energy, she's just like a little flash when she gets started. She starts on the weekend and goes straight through the week," said Silver.

For Sandy it all hits a little closer to home.

"Our President in the Louisville office Houston, it's a big charity of his and he's had some heart conditions over the years and so it was a charity that he was very fond of donating to so we started out with that. And in 2005 I lost my brother to heart disease so it means a lot more now than it did when I started," said Cardwell.

As a young girl she learned all of her baking tricks from her Grandmother.

"She always had chocolate chip cookies and apple pie. We'd go by her house after school and there would be cookies out, and of course you never knew what flavor they were going to be until you bit into them, but Gram always had cookies. And they were always made with love. To me that's what baking should be, they should be made with love and given with love," said Cardwell.

For putting her love for baking to a good cause, we honor Sandy Cardwell as this week's Hometown Hero.

Sandy said in the next couple of weeks she will start one of her big bake sales of the year there at Autotruck Federal Credit Union.

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