Horntown Damage And Withstanding the Coming Storms

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With the threat of more severe weather Friday, those who were already hit by storms are working hard to salvage what they can.

The area of Horntown in Grayson County is cleaning up after Wednesday's EF2 tornado.

"Clean up is well under way and I think, we'lll survive," says Ryan Hatfield from the Clarkson Fire Department.

The day after a tornado ripped through Horntown, snapping trees like toothpicks, turning over tombstones hundreds of years old and picking up homes and trailers up like dollhouses, the community is coming together to clean up the storm's path.

"Everyone is moving along the best they can, and we have quite a few volunteers, " Hatfield.

2 people were rescued from under the debris of their houses, one elderly man was sitting on his couch when his trailer was flipped and smashed against this road.

A rescue crew had to cut him out.

He is in stable condition at the hospital.

Another story is that of the family renting a home, where the disabled father, paralyzed from the waist down and in a wheel chair, held onto a door post in the high winds, while his wife and 3-children were out.

"I think 18 people are left here without a house, just in this community," says Hatfield.

Danny Cain is watching the remains of his son and grandson's home burn.

"Everything salvagable, we got what we could find, we didnt get under the walls and what not but we got about everything we could salvage out of it," says Crain.

The family is working to clean up fast because of approaching severe weather, that could be potentially worse than Wednesday's storms.

"We're trying to get everything cleaned up before it sets in and rains where you cant do anything."

If you would like to help out the homeless families, there are several donation funds and item drop-off set up.

*Wilson And Muir Bank, P.O Box 346 Litchfield KY 425754
* Mercy Missionary Baptish Church, Big Cliffy KY
* K's Cafe, Horntown KY, (270) 242-9904