Horse Cave Kentucky Repertory Theatre Closes

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It has been a staple in the Horse Cave community for more than 30 years.

Now, the Kentucky Repertory Theatre will be closing its doors.

The announcement came from the board of directors and is still trickling through the small community.

"I was shocked it has closed especially since their had been no warning about it," says resident Rhonda Caswell

"I'm a block and a half up from the repertory theatre and I've never heard a thing about it until you came in here so I was very shocked it was closing," says Melanie Smith, who owns a business just blocks from the theatre.

The theatre proved successful since opening in the late 70s. Residents say it brought families together for a night on the town.

"A time to get our with family and to enjoy an on stage play and they always had good productions then," says Caswell

As the popular attraction closes down, local business owners hope it doesn't lead to more negative change.

"I think it will only further hurt the businesses here in Horse Cave. During tourist season that was something that drew tourists to the area," says Smith.

With the summer season approaching those in Horse Cave are left hoping someone may take control of the old theatre.

The board of directors for the Kentucky Repertory Theatre were unavailable for comment.

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