Horse Cave Raises Occupational Tax

HORSE CAVE, Ky. (WBKO) -- Horse Cave Mayor Randall Curry broke a 3-3 tie and voted in an occupational tax increase.

Horse Cave's occupational tax rate will now be 1% instead of 0.5%.

"I ask you to look at all of these people out here and tell me how you can in good conscious take this kind of money out of their pocket," said DART Container Plant Manager Joe Lowry.

Many DART Container employees showed up to voice their concern.

Some were upset about paying more money to a town where they don't even live.

"This is really going to take exactly one paycheck from what they take home at the end of the year. You're now looking at 51 paychecks instead of 52," said DART Employee James Horton.

There were some tense moments that had people yelling from the crowd at times.

Those in favor of raising the tax, said it has to do with keeping the fire department up to date.

"We are so far behind with the equipment we need today," said Horse Cave City Councilman Ray Wilcoxson.

The mayor listed projects the city could take on with the extra revenue including renovating City Hall and fixing sidewalks.

"Sidewalks all over town need repair. I have some elderly people call me probably two or three times a week, when are you going to get these sidewalks fixed?" said Horse Cave Mayor Randall Curry.

The town approved the 0.5% tax a few years back.

"I was on the council when we asked for the 0.5% be taken from the payroll taxes. I voted yes for that, but I am highly against voting to double the payroll tax," said Horse Cave Councilwoman Vickie Rogers.

However, that's what happened and while many showed up with hope, some left disgusted and some left feeling a tax increase was the right decision.

This was the second reading of the ordinance, so it will now take effect.

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