Horse Cave Volunteer Fire Department Preparing to Move Into New Station

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HORSE CAVE, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Horse Cave Volunteer Fire Department currently has one station to serve the town, but the mayor and fire chief say as the town has grown, so has the need for a larger department and station.

The department has been housed in this station on McCubbin ave since the 1970s, and the chief says it has more than outgrown the building. One of the biggest issues at the Horse Cave Volunteer Fire Department is actually just literally having enough space for everything. The chief says trying to fit all of the trucks inside is kind of like working a puzzle.

"The trucks backing in, if you notice the walls and stuff, they have bruises on them from over the years. It takes two to back them in, and with volunteers, alot of times you don't have that," said Horse Cave Volunteer Fire Chief Donnie Parker.

That's another thing a larger station will allow more firefighters, and city officials say that will help everyone in the community.

"The majority of the people of Horse Cave are retired or elderly people, and they need as much help as we can give them, so if we can keep their fire rating down, which would keep their insurance premiums down to as much as three, four, five hundred dollars a year, that's extremely important to me and the people of Horse Cave, " said Horse Cave Mayor Randall Curry.

Some of these firefighters also serve as EMTs, and their vehicle is currently crammed in what was once a weight room.

"They are the first responders you know, and I really saw the need in how many times they were on call," said Curry.

A need they have filled with a station twice the size of the old one, and they hope to move into it by March.

The new, more than $8,000 sq. ft. station has 12 doors for vehicles, a place for four people to sleep, an office, kitchen, and an area for dispatch. It also incorporates history, designed to resemble the old Owens Hotel in Horse Cave.

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