Hostage Training In Bowling Green

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- Bowling Green Police Department's Critical Response Team prepared for a training course to take place at 10 o'clock this morning, at Northside Fire Department. Little did they know, they would be called in early to respond to a planned hostage situation.

"They were called in early this morning for a delayed hostage. The first officer to show up was taken hostage by the suspect," said Ronnie Ward, Bowling Green Police.

The officers worked together to negotiate with the suspect. They used a special robot, borrowed from Western Kentucky University's Engineering Department, to provide communication and food to the suspect.

"We were able to utilize it under two different instances today. One was to take an emergency phone to them because his cell phone was going dead. The other was to take some food to him once it became time that he was requiring some energy and needed some food," said Ronnie Ward, Bowling Green Police.

The officers maneuvered the robot outside of the facility and into the building that held the hostages. A camera was attached, allowing the officers to visualize what was happening inside of the building.

"We like to have as much real life training as we can have, as well as modern training. Things that are actually happening in society this day in time. So, we try to stay up on exactly how to deal with this. It helps our officers focus on that and think outside of the box," said Ronnie Ward, Bowling Green Police.

The officers are assigned sixteen hours each month to tend to special training.

"Something that could actually happen, we try to train them on. So, that if it does happen, they will sort of have the mind set of how to handle the situation. It's a wide range of training, so they never know what they're going to be doing," said Ronnie Ward, Bowling Green Police.

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