Organizations Continue To Help Local Homeless During Cold Weather

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The frigid temperatures had a grip on our area again Tuesday night. Unfortunately, under a bridge is a place where many area homeless slept.

HOTEL INC hopes to change that with its homeless outreach.

"The River Walk Park is a central location. It's also a central location to where a lot of our homeless live. Whether that is literally here near the bridge in tents or other types of encampments," says Executive Director Rhondell Miller.

Families are offered hot meals, clothing and medical services. Those seeking assistance come from all walks of life.

"We also have two women who are expecting children that we have met on the street as well," says Miller.

With temperatures at night dropping fast, HOTEL INC says so have the number of families. Cold nights have called for desperate measures.

"If you're out and you have gotten somewhere where you are warm, you don't want to leave that to come out. Even if it is for a hot meal," says Miller.

But those who have ventured out in the cold may have found a warm place to stay, at the Salvation Army.

"Our shelter is actually full on the mens side. We have actually pulled out the cots, the reserve cots and we actually have people sleeping in our living corridors," says Director of Social Services Heather Gordon.

Although full, Gordon says they will never turn away those who need help.

"When the temperature drops, it's your health at stake and you know with it being 17 or 16 degrees outside this is the only place they have a warm place to lay their head and have food to eat," says Gordon.

With the temperature beginning to increase this week, some have decided it's time to pack up their things and leave.

To learn more about HOTEL INC, visit their website Here.

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