House Approves $750,000 for Bowling Green Warren County Regional Airport

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Kentucky House of Representatives voted in the Transportation budget bill Tuesday afternoon, and there is good news for Bowling Green and Warren County.

The budget includes $750,000 dollars for the Bowling Green Warren County Regional Airport.

Airport officials says this really helps them because they are in an unproven market.

This money serves as a form of back up revenue to recruit the airline to come here and officials say they're closer than ever.

"We have a plan in place already actually that we're meeting with airlines at the end of April. So, hopefully we will have a complete package to submit to those as attractive as we can possibly put together. At that point we would sit down with those airlines and make the offer to those airlines and then start possibly negotiating an agreement for start up operation in 2015," said Bowling Green Warren County Regional Airport Manager Rob Barnett.

Barnett said service to Chicago is number one priority with Atlanta second.

This budget will have to be approved by the Senate, but it has bi-partisan support from area lawmakers which gives it a decent chance.

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