House Divided: Families and Friends Prepare for UK/ UL Showdown on Friday

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- It's that time of year when friends become enemies, and families turn against one another in the name of sports.

This Friday the Kentucky Wildcats and Louisville Cardinals will face-off in the Sweet Sixteen, pitting the two previous national champions and in-state rivals against one another. For most people, watching a game like this with fellow fans is what you live for, but others have a more difficult situation. Here in Kentucky we call it a "house divided."

When Lori Price and Chris Caudel met, they had no idea what bringing their families together would mean during basketball season.

"I did not know he was a Louisville fan, and it was probably a few months in before I really realized it, and I thought okay, am I going to stick this out? (laughs) I did and I'm glad that I did, but it really gets hairy around basketball season," said Kentucky fan Lori Price.

"As far as UK fans, and this isn't just her, but all UK fans, you can usually tell who they are, because they don't have any problem explaining who they are, or what they are. Alot of times that's their biggest downfall," said Louisville fan Chris Caudel.

Caudel's daughter Zeyta agrees.

"I kind of just avoid that side... because I don't like UK. I don't like it at all, and my best friend is a UK fan and she's crazy. I think all the fans are crazy." said Louisville fan Zeyta Caudel.

Chris' son decided it best to avoid the situation all together, and threw everyone for a loop with his choice in team.

"I guess I like the color blue and I like the color red, so I just combined them together, and I got Kansas," said Kansas fan Jaxon Caudel.

With Kansas already eliminated from the tournament, everyone but Jaxon in this house is looking forward to Fridays game.

"I've been looking forward to this game ever since last week and I can't wait for Friday to get here, just to see Louisville pull it off and go to a back to back championship," said Chris Caudel.

"It's been a fun week. I've got my blue on everyday. I;'m excited. I can't wait for game time. We'll see what happens. Hopefully we can tolerate each other through the game," said Price.

The Caudels and Prices did tell me they willl be attempting to watch the game together Friday.

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