House Explosion in Muhlenberg County

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Eye witnesses say a Muhlenberg County home collapsed to the ground as quickly as it went up in flames.

Most of Greenville felt the earth shake last night, but when the shaking stopped neighbors say they looked out their windows to see a 10,000 square foot log home in flames.

Greenville firefighters say as soon as they arrived on the scene, they knew the house had exploded.

More than twenty years ago, the Cundiff family built their dream home-- a luxury log home on their land in Muhlenberg County.

The family was out of town yesterday, and when they came back, their dream home had burned to the ground.

"The initial call was that a house was on fire and flames were showing. There were also reports of an explosion in the area," Lt. Chuck Browning says.

Shortly after neighbors heard the explosion, they say the house was engulfed in flames.

When the Greenville Fire Department arrived on scene around 8 last night, there was nothing that could save the house.

"The whole structure was leveled and there was no way we could make an interior attack on it at all," Browning says.

Firefighters say the explosion caused an earth shake that could be felt from miles away.

"I live close to their actually and it rumbled my house," Browning says.

Firefighters fought the blaze for three hours last night, but were unable to fully extinguish the fire.

"It was contained. It wasn't going anywhere, and it was demolished anyway, so we let it burn."

Neighbors say the house burned well into the night, and flames were still visible well into this afternoon, but no other homes were affected.

"It sits off the road. There is an apartment building that the owner owns but there was no damage to it," Browning says.

Since no one was home when the explosion occurred, everyone was safe.

A state fire marshall and a Kentucky State Police arson investigator will be at the house tomorrow to determine what caused the fire.

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