How Bicycle Friendly is Bowling Green?

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Bowling Green has a growing system of greenways trails, but any of them don't connect, and at some point, a cyclist must ride on the roadways which can feel dangerous. One alternative is a bike lane like those on the campus of WKU.

"You see alot of bike lanes around campus. That's really good for students to get around from class to class, but if you were to expand that outwards from campus to the other side of Scottsville Road, all the way to Russellville, I think that would bring alot more cyclists to Bowling Green. You would get alot more people on bikes commuting to work, riding to the grocery store, and just getting out for fun and fitness," said cyclist and Nats Outdoor Sports Manager Eric Bramschreiber.

But for now, many cyclists find themselves on roads, which Bramschreiber says can be scary.

"Alot of the times, you're pushed onto a sidewalk, where you're really not supposed to be, or you're all the way on the edge of the road, and when you don't have a dedicated bike lane, cars get dangerously close, some people don't pay attention. There's always somebody texting or talking on their phone while they're driving." said Bramschreiber.

Bramschriber says when all else fails, the best thing a biker can do is to be aware, and be seen. Don't ride with headphones, always wear reflective clothing, and he says the best things you can have are front and rear lights.

"Lights don't have to be on you for you to be seen. A light has to hit a reflector at a certain angle for it to work correctly, so if you have a light on your seat post or handlebar that you can turn on and off that's an LED, you're going to be seen for up to a quarter of a mile," said Bramschreiber.

On the other side, Bramschreiber says those in automobiles have to be watching out too.

Bramschreiber says it takes the awareness of other drivers and cyclists to make sharing the road safe. For more on Bowling Green's greenways trails, see the link below.

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