How Much Will Summer Music Festival Impact Bowling Green?

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Country music fans are taking advantage of the first Sounds of Independence Music Festival. Tickets went on sale at 11 Friday morning. Within two hours the star power of Darius Rucker became apparent.

"We are approaching 1,000 ticket sales. Phones have been ringing, online purchases. People are excited. A lot of buzz," says Jessica Yonts, Development Manager for SKyPAC.

SKyPAC says 3,000 to 5,000 people will attend the July 27 music festival. The venue will be a lot located behind the performing arts center. It's expected to bring a big boom to downtown as fans can walk around as they please thanks to a wristband system.

"You're able to enjoy the food here with our food vendors or you can walk downtown and enjoy some of the downtown businesses and restaurants while they are in town," says Yonts.

The Bowling Green Area Convention and Visitors Bureau estimates each fan will spend on average $150. If 3,000 people come to the show, that's a $450,000 impact.

"We expect lots of business and everything to be super super busy. It's a great thing for locals and all the visitors because locals sometimes don't realize what a great impact some of these great events have on the community," says Telia Butler, Public Relations Coordinator for the Bowling Green Area Convention & Visitors Bureau.

It may the first year of the event, but if it's a hit it may be a sign of more changes to come.

"With all the development going on in Downtown Bowling Green there is no telling what's going to happen next down there," says Butler.

Officials estimate fans from Northern Kentucky and Tennessee with also attend this summers festival.

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