How Will Schools Deal With Flu Outbreak?

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Confined and populated areas like a school is where the flu virus can spread the most. With the potential to be the worst flu outbreak in a decade local schools are taking extra precautions.

"We have hand washing stations throughout the school especially in the pre-school division with sinks and soap. Then we also have hand sanitizer available in the office and cafeteria as well," says Tim Petitt, Administrator at the Bowling Green Christian Academy.

The academy does not have a full time nurse on staff. So far they have no confirmed cases of the flu. 3 years ago the school had to close because of an outbreak suffered by faculty. They hope their preventative measures this time means a healthy school.

"Really encouraging faculty and staff to wash their hands frequently and sufficiently, but we also paid for flu shots for our faculty and staff this year," says Petitt.

Warren County Public Schools say they have had some pockets of sick children, but they aren't taking any chances. Reminding kids the basics of being germ free.

"Try not to share commonly used objects like crayons, pencils. We try to work with our custodial staff also and they are great about wiping down door knobs, table tops, and those commonly used surfaces," says District Health Coordinator, Grecia Wilson.

For those few kids who have or are beginning to feel sick schools hope parents make the right choice.

"We've worked with parents on trying to keep them well and if they notice their child does have a fever and is not feeling well to try and keep them at home and healthy before they come back," says Wilson.

Administration says a little help from everyone could keep flu season to a minimum.

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