How to Prepare for Winter Weather Emergencies

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We've had a mild winter so far, but unpredictable weather can strike at any time and if a snow storm were to hit are you prepared?

Joanna Coles from the Warren County Extension Cooperative says its important to have a weather kit inside your home and in your car, in case of a winter emergency such as low temperatures or being stranded, it could mean the difference between life and death.

"Make sure you have a kit and make sure you have a plan and make sure all the family members know what's in the kit. If you have kids get your kids involved in packing their own kit. So it's always fresh on their minds,"says Coles.

Some staple items Cole says you should put in the kit are; blankets, hand warmers, a flashlight, first aid kit, water and food.

Non-perishable items that are high in protein such as power bars and peanut butter work best.

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