Hughes & Coleman Files Class Action Suit Against Scottsville Plant

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Bowling Green's Hughes & Coleman law firm has filed a class action lawsuit charging Federal-Mogul Products Incorporated with releasing toxic chemicals from its plant in Scottsville. The plaintiffs allege Federal-Mogul released carcinogens into the environment surrounding its plant that produced brake pads.

Lee Coleman leads the legal team that is holding the company accountable for the groundwater contamination and environmental damage within a five-mile radius of the plant.

"The reason for the five-mile radius," said Coleman, "is because right now it is unclear how far out the danger goes, but we do have people that live more than a mile from the plant within a five-mile radius that are reporting injuries."

The lawsuit claims the Federal Mogul plant released carcinogens that were 15 to 20 times higher than levels recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency.

"We have reports of large numbers of cancers," said Coleman. "We have reports of neurological problems. Those are the things if you look at the federal publications are risk of dichloroethene and trichloroethylene which are the chemicals, DCE and TCE, I believe is what they're commonly referred to as. The injuries run the gamut."

At press time, Federal-Mogul had not yet returned our calls for their reaction to the lawsuit.

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