Human Trafficking Suspects Appear in Court

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The three suspects arrested and charged with human trafficking of a minor appeared in Warren District Court today.

And new information was released from the case.

It was a very attentive courtroom today as suspects connected with human trafficking of a minor entered the room.

Bowling Green Police say money was involved in exchange for sex.

"We believe it was a $20 payment to Miss Woolbright," said Det. Sgt. Brian Harrell.

Rosemarie Woolbright has been charged with human trafficking, unlawful transaction with a minor and sodomy.

Pedro Diaz has been charged with rape and Chad Simmons has been charged with sodomy and unlawful transaction with a minor.

Police stated in court Wednesday that Pedro Diaz picked up Woolbright and the 13-year-old girl and took them to his apartment.

"Rose told the victim to go upstairs with Pedro to have sex with him and they would get some money. She complied. She and Pedro went upstairs where they entered a closet, and the illegal sexual intercourse occur ed in that closet," Harrell says.

Police say that was the first time Rosemarie Woolbright collected money by arranging for the teenage girl to have sex with a man.

A second sex act occurred at Woolbright's apartment that same night.

A third sex act later took place at Diaz's apartment.

"Rose admitted to participating in the sexual acts with the juvenile victim and Pedro," Harrell says.

Sex acts later took place from Woolbright's home-- this time with Chad Simmons.

Police say Simmons admitted to all charges.

Simmons was living with Woolbright, and says he was forced by her.

"We anticipate the case will be presented to the Warren County Grand Jury within approximately the next thirty days. If an indictment is returned, which we anticipate it will be, it will proceed to warren circuit court," says Warren County Commonwealth Attorney, Chris Cohron.

Harrell says it's probable more charges will be filed, both on the suspects behind bars and those who have yet to be arrested.

All three suspects remain in the Warren County Jail.

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