Hundreds Head To SKyPAC For Easter Sunday Services

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Easter Sunday kicked off with a bang at SKyPAC.

Crossland Community Church hosted hundreds of parishioners who came from many different faiths. Pastor Gregg Farrell says SKyPAC is the perfect place to welcome everyone with open arms.

"We do it in this facility for two reasons. One to give us a little bit more room because as you can see there are large crowds but also it's a public facility. It's not nearly as intimidating to come into to SKyPAC as maybe it would be in a church building on Easter Sunday," says Farrell.

The Boussard Family had never been to a Crossland Community Church service. They planned to attend two different services throughout the day but started their Easter Sunday at SKyPAC.

"This is the first time I have come to Crosslands program. I've watched them grow in the community and I was kinda excited to see how their production would be here," says Sandy Jones-Boussard.

The church says uniting everyone under one roof is important every Sunday but especially on Easter Sunday. It is what they say the most religious day of the year.

"We celebrate what we believe and know is the undeniable fact that Jesus Christ raised himself from the dead so it is truly the biggest day in the Christian year. Without the resurrection Paul would say the foundation of our faith in non-sense. So today we gather all around the world and certainty here today," says Farrell.

And after all the music and prayer was finished, some families continued on with their Easter tradition.

"We go out to eat after and it's just a time to celebrate with family," says Emily Stuart.

To accommodate the hundreds who attended the service at SKyPAC, Crossland Community Church hosted three separate services throughout the morning.

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