Ice and Snow Keep Road Crews Busy

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Paul Keith is a highway superintendent for the KYTC Deptarment of Highways, but on busy days like this, it's not uncommon to find him out salting and plowing the roads.

"Mother nature has dumped a blessing on us. It's the worst one we've had. I mean we've had a couple of little 8 or 10 hour little deals with a half inch to 2 in., but this 2 to 3 inches of ice. It's really been something to deal with," said Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Highway Superintendent Paul Keith.

The depatrment's trucks spread salt and calcium in the back, and plow snow and ice in the front, but even they aren't indestructible in this weather. It wasn't long after we hit the parkway plowing, that we headed back to the garage, after hitting a huge chunk of ice, breaking a cylinder that helps hold the plow.

"They work on all the trucks in all ten counties. You bring it in, and they've got the part. They'll put it on immediately and get you back out on the road so you can get back out pushing snow," said Keith.

Literally pushing snow, Keith and his team plow and treat the roads in 12 hour shifts, something he says is necessary with below freezing temperatures approaching.

"We're trying to dry the roads up with continuous plowing, pushing the water off the road and applying salt and calcium to it to dry the moisture up," said Keith.

Keith says the state roads are in fairly good condition now, but even where cleared many are still wet, and it's only a matter of time before water turns to ice. He says those who absolutely must be out on the roads should use caution and be aware of slick spots even where it appears the road is cleared.

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