Importance of Tires on Wet Roads

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You don't have to be a NASCAR driver to understand that tires are very important when it comes to vehicle safety. The slick roads that come with spring showers will certainly test the condition of tires out on the road. But what do you look for when checking the status of your tires? For a start you can check the sipes which are the small treads on each section of the tire.

"That's what gives you traction. Those little slots open up as you drive. The more siping you have the better the traction. As it wears that siping gets more and more diminished too, so you're going to get less traction over time. The wet weather and the oil that comes out of the road just adds to it." said Manager of Discount Tires, Victor Vogel.

Towing companies say they see it all the time, a vehicle turned to twisted metal all because the tires were old and inadequate.

"We change about 20 tires a day and usually it's just inattentiveness and people not checking their tires. A lot of times their tires are good in the back and their tires are bald in the front with front wheel drive. What they have is just glorified skateboards." commented Randy Huff of Southside Towing.

New technology is helping stave off major accidents due to tire punctures or blowouts.

"There's this new technology called run-flats where if the tire actually goes flat on you, you can still drive on it for about 50 miles to get to a place like us. Honestly, the technology just keeps growing. I've seen tires go from one point to the other in just 12 years. I can't imagine what the next 20 years are going to bring when it comes to tires." added Vogel.

Tires are the only thing between you and the road, so experts suggest that you check the condition of yours on a daily basis.

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