Increased Potholes After Severe Winter Weather

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WARREN CO., Ky. (WBKO) -- Drivers in the area say they've been frustrated by the increase in potholes lately -- some of which have damaged their cars.

"I've seen about a million. I've seen quite a few. I've got a Dodge Durango so it sits up a little high, but the deepest ones tear the bottom up. One of them actually messed the transmission line up on the bottom of my car," said Chassity Groves.

"Huge potholes on Cave Mill Road -- like craters," said Raymion Bell.

If you're like those drivers and have noticed what seems like more potholes this year, there's a reason for it.

"The harsher the winter, the more potholes we'll see when winter's over. We had a bad winter this winter. It was certainly long and certainly rough and so the potholes are coming up," said Wes Watt, the public information officer for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 3.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and Warren County Road Department have been hearing from drivers who come across the potholes.

"Well, we've definitely had a few complaints, a few call-ins," Watt said.

"We get calls probably daily," said Jerry Young, the Warren County Road Supervisor.

While the problem for drivers is there now, road crews have began filling them in.

"It's been so cold, our patch didn't work right. It wouldn't bond right, but it's working good now with the warmer weather," Young said.

"We're out trying to get those repaired. It will take some time, because there are a lot, but we're out," Watt said.

Young says the potholes on county roads should be patched up within a few weeks.

Until then, drivers have learned how to prevent damage to their cars.

"If you see them coming up, just slow down. Because if you don't, it's definitely going to mess your car up," Groves said.

Watt says be careful if you swerve to miss a pothole, because you don't want to hit oncoming traffic.

If you come across potholes on state roads, you can report them at

To report potholes on county roads, you can call 270-843-8328.

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