Independence Bank Hosts Chamber Event To Honor First Responders

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Independence Bank hosted the Chamber of Commerce's After Hours event Thursday and it was all about the men and women who are first responders

Local firefighters and police officers filled the room, as the bank presented each station with a framed print, of a painting of an exhausted firefighter sitting on the sidewalk, after working all day on September 11th.

The picture was given as a token of appreciation, to 14 local stations.

President of the bank, Brad Howard, says,"we look at them as kind of the unsung heroes in the community. They really put their lives out on the line for us and I don't think they get enough recognition for that."

The painting by Peter O'Neil, is titled, "Two Minutes of Silence."

The original painting sold for 20,000 dollars, to be put toward a firefighters' fund in New York City.

Since then, 11,000 copies have been given out freely, to fire departments and police stations around the country.

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