Injured Marine Veteran Receives Key to His New Bowling Green Home

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- Injured Marine Veteran, Keith Koerner is a man who has found his way to Bowling Green, but says his road getting here was not an easy trip to travel.

Koerner was injured in basic training after enrolling in the United States Marine Corp.

"I had a traumatic brain injury. a concussion, and a severe head injury. From that I developed a seizure disorder," said Keith Koerner, homeowner.

Years later, Koerner developed multiple sclerosis, preventing him from living a normal life.

"My pride wouldn't allow me to ask people to stay with them, So, I was homeless. After I was done feeling sorry for myself, I started applying for scholarships. I got one here, and it blossomed from here," said Keith Koerner, homeowner.

Koerner became a Western Kentucky University Hilltopper, living in an apartment, trying his best to make ends meet. His Vocational Development teacher informed him of a grant that would soon be given to a deserving veteran in need.

This $75,000 grant was provided by the Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati and given to the Housing and Development Services of Bowling Green.

HANDS is for those in need of affordable housing and chose Koerner as the recipient of this mortgage free home.

"Keith is very self motivating. He has done everything for himself, we've just provided him a place to live," said Keith Koerner, homeowner.

Koerner says this is the first time in many years he has been able to call a house a home.

"That feeling came back when I had this to take care of. Now I'm out here trimming the grass with scissors. Taking care of every little bit. I have a sense of belonging and ownership. I have a foundation for everything I really want to do," said Keith Koerner, homeowner.

Koerner laughed during the ceremony, saying he wants to have a BBQ for everyone who contributed to this project. He also says he wants to allow children, of his neighboring church, to use his yard to play ball.

Senator Rand Paul was apart of the dedication ceremony. The funds provided by FHLBank came from a fund created in honor of Carol Peterson, the longtime leader of FHLBank's Housing and Community investments.

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