Insurance Agents Suggest Waiting To Apply For New Health Coverage

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The Kentucky Healthcare Exchange went live yesterday, and despite being down for most of the day, almost 2,000 applications were started and about 1,200 were completed.

However, some local insurance agents said it might be best to wait a while before applying.

Today was easily accessible, but not all the kinks have been worked out.

"Former insurance that they may have that they've got out there is causing a problem with it not wanting to give proper credit where they may have the income assistance that's needed," said David McCay, an insurance agent.

He said going back to fix things you might have entered incorrectly also isn't working.

Another concern is how doctors will respond to the new plans.

"It's going to cause problems with doctor's not wanting to take the plans that are under the Affordable Care Act, because they don't know what the reimbursement rates are -- especially if they're reduced because that's going to cause problems with them being able to pay their staffs and function," David said.

"There are hospitals that they normally have gone to that are going to be out of network. There are people going to doctor's in Nashville, and at current time, a lot of those doctors will be out of network. Whether they will be added later, we don't know," said Auston McCay, another insurance agent.

He said that's why the best option may be to wait for more answers to become available.

Also, he said people have called him confused about how the changes affect them.

"They were on Medicare and we even had one or two people who were on Medicaid Drug Plan and they thought it was going to affect Medicaid. Well it does affect some Medicaid, because the expanded Medicaid which will start again January 1," Auston said.

He said those on Medicare are not affected by the new health plans.

They both said not to be afraid to ask the experts basic questions, because it's important to understand it completely.

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