Interview with 20th District State Representative Candidate Regina Webb

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We continue our series of local political interviews, talking with Republican 20th District State Representative candidate Regina Webb, who says Kentucky needs comprehensive tax reform.

"We need to have a tax code that will be competitive to other states around us," says Webb. "And we need to create a culture that will attract businesses and industries to come here and be able to do business, so you can create a great playing field for the employees. So it's really creating a culture for growth."

Webb also says Kentucky need to get a grip on spending for education.

"I think really we don't have as big of a revenue problem," Webb says, "as it is a spending problem. I think overspending. I'm a business owner. You overspend and you have to either put a higher price on the consumer, or you have to cut back in some way. So I think that's what we have to do."

You can see my interviews with all the candidates in their entirety, by clicking on the 2012 Kentucky Elections tab on our home page.

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