Interview with 20th District State Representative Jody Richards

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We continue our series of local political interviews, talking with 20th District State Representative Jody Richards, who lists his accomplishments in more than three decades in office.

"We have created more net new businesses than any county in the state in the last 10 years," says Richards, "even counties like Jefferson and Fayette which are much larger than we are. We have a great working relationship in this community. Look at things like the SKyPAC and how Western is growing. And so I just want to be a part of moving this community forward. One other quick thing is our education system. We have one of the best education systems in America. We have three high schools in the top three percent in the entire country. And our university is growing faster than any public university in the state and our community college is doing the same so why change what is doing well right now?"

You can see my interviews with all the candidates in their entirety, by clicking on the 2012 Kentucky Elections tab on our home page.

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