Interview with Bowling Green City Commission Candidate Bill Waltrip

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We continue our series of interviews with Bowling Green City Commission candidates with incumbent Bill Waltrip. Although he agrees attracting more jobs to town is a big issue, he mentions two other challenges he sees as priorities.

"Storm water is an issue," says Waltrip. "We have 30-some projects left. If we did 'em all it's over $10 million, so it's tremendous. But I tell you one of the most significant issues is a growing community, with a growing community, which sometimes obviously it's better to have that problem. But we have zoning issues, we have traffic issues, we have, noise is a big problem in our neighborhoods. So things associated with being a growing community and how to effectively address those are some of the most important things I think."

Bill also told us how he's learned how many different points of view there can be on an issue since he's been a city commissioner.

"I think I'm up to 20, 21," Bill says, "and I told a group yesterday that there's a little right, a little wrong on each side, maybe a little larceny in somebody's heart tryin' to get their way. And gettin' back to the fireworks, again there's so many valid points of view with that. And someone had asked me in the public, 'Were we gonna take that up?' And this is what I told them, I said, 'I think we should revisit it again, but I think those people that are gonna be in office after January the 1st oughta be the ones that make the decision on how we're gonna proceed, because they need to be in office on July 4th of next year and July 4th of the next year, and realize how their votes affect people.'"

You can see my interviews with all the candidates in their entirety, by clicking on the 2012 Kentucky Elections tab on our home page.

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