Interview with Bowling Green City Commission Candidate Jerry Wells

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We continue our series of interviews with Bowling Green City Commission candidates, with challenger Jerry Wells telling us how he would act as a city commissioner, and how he thinks the city commission should act.

"I believe in servant leadership," says Wells. "I also believe in ethical leadership, and that being that you do what's best for the citizens, the most, will do the most bang out of your buck so to speak. But I'm very conservative in terms of believing that we should always obey the Kentucky and United States Constitution. We should be really, really careful in how we spend our tax money. And we need to have real openness in government. I only know of three things that are not open and that of course are issues that are dealing with sale of land, personnel issues, and of course things dealing with litigation. Other than that, there's no reason there should ever be a secret in city government."

Wells also told us how certain commissioners have voted, and how a couple of them were selected.

"But it's amazing," Well says. "This particular time I'm finding the door-to-door people are more concerned with short term issues. And the short term issues are things of how certain commissioners have voted on certain issues and those of course will come out at a later time, but I'm finding enough, not negativity because you never talk bad about an incumbent, you only talk the truth about their voting record. And I'm finding people that want some change and they're not necessarily happy with the way certain commissioners hold their current seat through behind the scenes interviews with one, and the other being able to be a commissioner after having lost a mayor's race."

You can see my interviews with all the candidates in their entirety, by clicking on the 2012 Kentucky Elections tab on our home page.

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