Interview with Bowling Green City Commission Candidate Rick Williams

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We continue our series of interviews with Bowling Green City Commission candidates, with challenger Rick Williams, who believes the city needs to concentrate on growth.

"I think that we need to take a hard look at our community," says Williams, "where it's headed with growth. We're facing the influx of a lot of different social groups and we need to know how to handle that. You know we have a lot of refugees that have come here. Bowling Green has welcomed them with open arms. But with that said, that brings its own set of unique challenges and opportunities and how we deal with those is gonna be important in the future."

Williams also thinks having City Manager Kevin DeFebbo look into how Bowling Green's Parks and Rec Department operates was a good idea.

"There've been some questions about whether or not to privatize our golf courses," Williams says, "and whether or not we're spending too much money in taking care of our parks. But parks and golf courses and things that affect our quality of life are important things for us0 to have. But we need to run them in a way that they don't cost us a lot of money unnecessarily. So if he can go in there and maybe find out what's going on, or find out if we are wasting money, that might be a good way to spend some interim time. I don't think it's a good long term solution by any means."

You can see my interviews with all the candidates in their entirety, by clicking on the 2012 Kentucky Elections tab on our home page.

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