J B Distributors Releases the Name of the Man Shot at Kroger

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A delivery driver for J B Distributors was robbed and shot behind Kroger on Scottsville Road in Bowling Green Thursday morning. J B Distributors says the driver's name is Robert Lipscomb.

The man who was second on the scene after Lipscomb was shot told us what happened. "When I got to the scene of course Robbie was alert, awake. He told me he didn't know how many times he had been shot, but that he was okay," said J B Distributors Team Leader, Jody Stevenson.

Lipscomb was able to tell Stevenson, who is his supervisor, the events leading up to the shooting.

"The guy comes around and asks for money, and the guy said I don't have any money, and he came at him with a gun and they proceeded to wrestle to the ground. Then, the gunshots went off he said three or four times, he wasn't sure, and he said the last shot was the one that got him, because the guy stood up above him and shot him," Stevenson says, "Why you would want to hurt a beer guy? All he is going to be carrying is beer. He's not going to have any money on him."

Stevenson says he arrived to a quiet scene. "He was very calm. I don't know if he was in shock or not, but he was very calm," he says.

When the ambulance arrived, Lipscomb was flown to Vanderbilt Hospital. "He came out of surgery and he is in intensive care right now," said J B Distributors Secretary of the Treasury, Jim Bohannon.

Bohannon says he's gotten calls from several other distributors who heard about the news. "They're calling and expressing their concern about Robbie and hoping he does well, and saying they're sorry for the incident and everything. And I asked all of them, 'Have you ever had anything like this happen?' And not a one of them said their drivers had ever been held up," he said.

Police are searching for a white man wearing a black WKU sweatshirt and stonewashed jeans.

If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at 781-CLUE. Your information will be kept secure, and you can remain completely anonymous.

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