Jackson's Orchard Has Great Growing Season For Pumpkins

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Halloween is coming up, and people are already buying pumpkins.

Those at Jackson's Orchard say it's been an exceptional year for their pumpkins.

They say all varieties have grown well.

There is also more to go around this year than last.

Last year it was too hot and dry for them to grow as well, but this year the cooler, wet weather has helped them out.

"Plenty of sunshine, good rain, enough bees to pollenate -- it's been a good growing season," said Jonathan Price, who works at Jackson's Orchard. "A lot of variety of pumpkins -- big, little. You name it, we've got it."

Jackson's Orchard will have a pumpkin festival this weekend and the first four weekends in October.

There will be concessions and a petting zoo during the festival.

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