Jefferson Award: Pearl Taylor

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. - "Get involved. I know that you will be very successful in your business." said 2013 Jefferson Award Recipient Pearl Taylor.

Pearl Taylor is a mother, wife, businesswoman, and role model. She got her start working for her husband, Rhea's Insurance agency. From that point forward the community of Bowling Green would never be the same. Pearl's success in the insurance business got the attention of the community, not just because of her business savvy, but because of her love for people and the community in which she lived.

"I think Pearl is a good listener and Pearl listens to the needs of whatever task she's doing or whatever friend she is talking with, or whatever committee she's serving on. Pearl listens to what the needs are. Then she truly tries to fill the needs of people. I think there is nobody better in the world than Mother Theresa, but they said to her one time, "How have you become so successful?" She said, "I just feel the needs of the people', and Pearl is like that. She's always feeling the needs of people." said business owner Regina Webb.

"I love to see them be successful. That just really touches my heart. I think to myself, that is wonderful that that woman has stepped up and is doing what she wants to do and is reaching her goals." said Taylor.

Pearl has been working in the insurance agency since 1964 but something she has been at for just as long, is making sure non-profit groups in the community have a voice and an avenue for progress. Pearl has served on many boards including the state board of the March of Dimes which Pearl brought to Bowling Green in 1980.

"I would see her at all the events and she would be setting up tables or or checking people out after the event and I thought she's a dedicated person she's always here." said March of Dimes Board Member, Fida Georges.

"That's what impresses me most about Pearl. Pearl is in so many things yet she's always there when you need her. She doesn't sign up for things and not help, she's always there to help you." added Webb.

"Doesn't anyone look at a little baby and can't love it, there's something wrong with you.That's the greatest passion for me." said Taylor emotionally.

It's only fitting that one of Pearl's greatest passions is helping babies in need because throughout her illustrious business and community career, she still managed to be named the Mother of the Year in Kentucky in 2001.

"I had four children and my first husband was killed in Germany. He was a captain in the service. I get emotional about that. Then I met a man named Rhea Taylor who was divorced and had three children and he was very good to my kids. We've been married going on 49 years. " said Taylor through tears.

"To juggle being a parent and doing non-profit work is a huge effort and then again to do it for some many organizations is even more selfless and even more deserving of recognition." added Georges.

Pearl's awards and recognition would take pages to be listed but her biggest accomplishment may just be the example she sets for aspiring businesswomen through her actions, and the way she presents herself.

"She manages to look so sophisticated, so classy so elegant. She's just the signature of what every organization would want to have." commented Georges.

"Her heels were made for working." said Webb with laughter.

"Of course I'm going to put the heels on. I think you look great. A woman looks very professional in heels." commented Taylor.

She still has much more to accomplish in her life, but there's no doubt that the lasting impression she's left on many will never be forgotten.

"I want my legacy to say she was a caring person. She did care about her community. My many many friends, hey friends out there, I love you all."

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