Man Sentenced to Prison Two Years After Dale Holloway's Death

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LOGAN COUNTY, Ky (WBKO) -- The Logan County Circuit Court Judge has handed down a sentence for Timothy Claytor.

In early June, Claytor was convicted of reckless homicide, for shooting Dale Holloway.

Claytor argues he acted in self defense and that he feared for his life, as Holloway tried to force his way into Claytor's home.

During this trial, jurors say they could not reach a unanimous decision. After ordering a pre sentence investigation, the Judge sentenced Timothy Claytor five years in prison.

The Logan County Commonwealth's Attorney says she is pleased with the Judge's sentencing.

"I really appreciate that the Judge stated the “old common law rule” on self defense. I do believe the current laws are being misunderstood and as a result of those misunderstandings, circumstances ,like dale holloway's death, occur," said Gail Guiling, Logan/Todd County Commonwealth Attorney.

Claytor's attorney says he understands the Judge's ruling and that the presentation of the sentencing was very articulate.

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