Judge Rules on Motions in Chris Eaton Trial

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Federal Judge Joseph H. McKinley rules on who may testify for Barren County Sheriff Chris Eaton in the criminal trial against him.

Sheriff Eaton and two deputies are accused of using excessive force during an arrest in 2010, then falsifying documents and lying to the FBI about it.

In court documents just obtained by WBKO, Judge McKinley ruled Eaton's use-of-force expert and forensic analyst may testify. But the judge wants more information on the medical expert and the accident reconstructionist Eaton wants to use.

Deputy Adam Minor is expected to testify against Eaton. Court documents say Eaton had allegedly reprimanded Minor for an affair with a co-employee, and Minor may testify against Eaton to get back at him. The judge ruled Eaton's attorneys may bring this up at trial.

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