Judge Weighing Evidence In Copass Case

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SCOTTSVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) -- June 11, 2012 was when 22-year-old Chelsey Mahaney was murdered in Scottsville, but Charles Copass' appearance in court on Wednesday was regarding evidence that was recorded a day later.

Audio tapes from June 12 and 29 of that year more specifically.
Copass' defense wants the evidence thrown out, but the Commonwealth feels it's something the jury should hear. One tape in particular was recorded by now Chief of Scottsville Police Jeff Pearson.

With the help of his ex-wife, Melinda, Pearson contacted Copass and set up a meeting. When the two finally met up, Pearson handcuffed the suspect. Pearson said Copass told Melinda that he killed Mahaney. When he asked for confirmation, Copass just nodded.

Defense Attorney Michael Buffkin: "Melinda told that you told that you did kill Chelsea. Okay? Did you say that?"

Scottsville Police Chief Jeff Pearson: "Yes. When I said that he shook his head yes."

After that, Pearson read Copass his rights.

"Charlie, anything you say can and will be used against you in court," said Pearson on a tape played in the courtroom.

Then took him to the Scottsville Police Station.

In a later tape Copass unprovoked asked, "Can people request the death penalty?"

During Wednesday's hearing hearing Copass appeared unsettled anytime an audio tape was played for the court.

Commonwealth Attorney Clint Willis says he doesn't think that sounds like something an innocent person would ask.

During an earlier hearing Copass asked for the death penalty and at a more recent hearing the Commonwealth Attorney said there are aggravating circumstances in the case. He believes Copass committed the crime to get Mahaney's cell phone which may have had evidence of another crime. Ultimately the judge in the case ruled the death penalty is something jury will have to decide.

Wednesday's hearing regarding the inclusion of the evidence in the trial lasted all morning and afternoon. At last check the judge is still weighing the option as well as if the trial will start on February 17.

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