KSP Advises Drivers to be Safe During the Holidays

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The holidays bring more shopping, family get togethers, and heavy traffic.

Whether you are prepared or not, the holiday season is here, and that means more traffic on the roads.

Several drivers, like Kathi Milam, travel quite frequently during the holidays.

"When I go back to the East Coast I mean definitely on I-65 both North and South and 40 west, and 40 east, I definitely see a lot more traffic," she says.

The Kentucky State Police are asking you to be more cautious this holiday season.

"The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is considered to be one of the busiest travel holidays in the country, so we're going to be out directing patrols, using safety checkpoints," says KSP Public Affairs Officer, Trooper Jonathan Biven.

Police are looking for aggressive driving, texting while driving, and those going over the speed limit.

Police say you could end up being the next person with flashing lights behind you.

"We're going to be looking for speeders. Keep in mind there's going to be a lot of traffic out on our interstates," Trooper Biven says, "We're looking for individuals who are cutting cars off, or going in and out of traffic, and even some of those that try and pass on the shoulder."

When Kathi Milam travels this week, she says she'll be more attentive in the heavy traffic.

"I think everybody's in a hurry, and they really want to get somewhere, and they've got a destination. I get a little bit worried about people being sleepy," Milam says.

Police are asking you to plan ahead before you travel this week.

Give yourself plenty of time to travel.

Make sure your vehicle is in good working condition.

Have your registration, insurance and license ready in case you get stopped.

And, if you plan on drinking have a designated driver available.

Police are asking you to be aware of speed zones, especially in construction sites.

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