KSP: Car Thefts Are on the Rise

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For a couple of months now, state police have seen a continual rise in car break-ins in our area.

Troopers say, they always see a rise in auto thefts during the holiday shopping season, but this year they have continued even after the shopping season.

They ask you to keep your vehicle locked at all times, and during the winter, if you leave your car warming up in your driveway, that can often lead to theft.

"That's a perfect time for someone to come in and steal their belongings and or their car. We are also finding when people get home they think their car's in their driveway. Their property should be safe, but that's where a lot of these crimes are occurring," says Public Affairs Officer, Trooper Jonathan Biven.

Police say if you have to keep something inside of your car, you must always keep it in your trunk and out of sight.

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