KSP Releases Playing Cards to Help Solve Cold Cases

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It was something Kentucky State Police started in the jails nearly three years ago to help solve cold cases.

Now, KSP are releasing these playing cards that featured 52 Kentucky cold cases to the public to see if you can help solve any further unsolved crimes.

Police say these cards have had some success.

Three cases have been solved from handing by handing out 8,000 decks of cards throughout the prisons.

A few cards feature cold cases from this area.

"One of the cases is a Miss Alyne Barrick. She's actually a missing person. She actually was last seen on April 12, 1996 out of Edmonson County, Bobby Joe Dethridge who was a victim of a homicide back in 1980, and then the last person that we have is a Carol Reynolds-- she's also a victim of a homicide from May 11 of 1992," says Public Affairs Officer Trooper Jonathan Biven.

You can find these playing cards on the Kentucky State Police website.

Here's a link to cards: http://www.kentuckystatepolice.org/unsolved_cases.htm

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