State Chamber Comments on Affordable Care Act in Kentucky

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Bowling Green, KY Even before the Affordable Care Act rolled out, it was embroiled in controversy. And now that it's here, the debate is even more intense.

The October one start date was much-anticipated, but the opening of had barely begun, when computer glitches ground it to a halt.

The national website has not worked well since, and is expected to have continued problems until the end of the month. But state officials say Kentucky's Kynect website had its glitches corrected in about four hours.

The governor's office says more than 32,000 people have signed up for Kynect so far, nearly a thousand people a day, and most of them are getting the free expanded medicaid benefits.

Ashli Watts, the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce's public affairs manager, specializes in health care reform. She talked to us about how the ACA is working in Kentucky.

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