KY Urges People to Replace Medi-Share Immediately

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) -- The Kentucky Department of Insurance is advising members of a Christians-only health insurance plan that has been ordered to cease operations in the state, to get different policies immediately.

That move follows Franklin County Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate's ruling earlier this month, that Medi-Share, a Florida-based cost-sharing ministry, must cease operations in Kentucky, because it doesn't meet the state's insurance code.

Medi-Share closely resembles secular insurance, but only allows participation by people who pledge to live Christian lives that include no smoking, drinking, using drugs, or engaging in sex outside of marriage. The judge found Medi-Share doesn't measure up to Kentucky.

Department of Insurance spokeswoman Ronda Sloan said her agency is working to help Medi-Share members find new medical coverage.

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