Conway Won't Appeal Same-Sex Marriage Ruling; Beshear Will

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- "From a Constitutional perspective, Judge Heyburn got it right. In light of other recent federal decisions, these laws will likely not survive upon appeal. We cannot waste the resources of the office of the Attorney General pursuing a case that we are unlikely to win."

Those were Attorney General Jack Conway's words Tuesday.

He said pursuing this would be a waste of money.

He's not appealing a federal judge's order to make Kentucky recognize same-sex marriages, but Governor Steve Beshear is and he's going to hire outside attorneys for his appeal.

U.S. District Judge John G. Heyburn issued a Feb. 12 opinion that Kentucky's ban on recognizing same-sex marriages violated the Constitution's equal-protection clause in the 14th Amendment because it treated "gay and lesbian persons differently in a way that demeans them."

Those in our area have mixed opinions on the issue.

"The Attorney General's decision is the work of an ally in that particular struggle. Governor Beshear obviously has his rights to make these decisions which may be out of principal or may be out of political calculation," said Rev. Peter Connolly, Unitarian Universalist Minister.

Living Hope Baptist Senior Pastor Jason Pettus disagrees with Conway's decision.

"We need Mr. Conway to do his job, and I would encourage all of Kentuckians to contact Mr. Conway and let him know that we expect him to do his job and if he anticipates getting the Governor's job, that's just not going to happen if he can't do this job," said Pettus.

Gov. Beshear grew up in the Baptist Church and his father was a baptist minister.

"I don't know Gov. Beshear and I certainly don't know his faith system, but I would hope that this was being led by a deep seated conviction and not just a means to play a political game," said Pettus.

It isn't clear who the Governor's outside attorneys will be.

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