Keep Your Possessions Safe While Holiday Shopping

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Black Friday is the unofficial holiday shopping season kick-off.
As crowds head out to stores this week, police want your items to stay safe.

Thefts don't only happen in the stores this time of year, they can also happen in the parking lot.

This holiday shopping season, police are asking you to take preventative measures to keep your stuff safe while shopping.

That includes the items inside of your car.

"We're encouraging obviously for the Black Friday, it's the busiest shopping day of the year is for people to take their bags once they've gone in the store, and they're coming back out, is to put them in the trunk. We're also asking for people not to leave their cell phones, iPads, purses, anything of value our where people can see it," KSP Public Affairs Officer, Trooper Jonathan Biven.

"I try to keep my car clean to where people won't look in and maybe break a window," says shopper, Joyce Walker.

Walker says she tries to keep her valuables out of sight, but police say even the coat in her backseat could trigger a theif to break her window.

"A theif may look at that and decide that's something that they want bust the window out and take off. So we're trying to eliminate that. Get the out of sight out of mind deal here, and keep more people putting stuff in their trunk," Trooper Biven says.

Another shopper says she never takes her purse into a store, but she always hides it in her trunk before shopping.

"if they can't see it... They don't know it's there... So i put it in the trunk.. close it up... I know where it's at... And nobody else can see it."

Police say to also park in well lit areas, which could prevent someone from going on and breaking into your trunk.

While it is most important to keep your stuff hidden during the holidays, police say it doesn't hurt to keep your stuff out of sight all year around.

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