Keeping Your Larger Pets Warm In This Frigid Cold Weather

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- In these frigid temperatures keeping your small pets warm is important, but keeping your large pets warm is just as important.

Animals such as horses should be kept in a barn to keep them warm or equipped with blankets and hoods, especially if they have shorter hair.

Veterinarian Dr. Stan Snodgrass says the number one thing is to keep them well fed and hydrated.

"Nutrition is the number one thing. Horses that are getting too little of food or not enough hey and good water, then they're going to get weak and the cold weather really hurts them. Once they get thin enough and down then there's really not much you can do, they have to be put to sleep. So you have to keep a lot of body weight on them."

Dr. Snodgrass also said even if your barn isn't heated, it's a good idea to keep the horses inside with the doors shut to block the frigid wind from constantly hitting their bodies.

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