Kentucky Brothers Injured in Wisconsin Plane Crash

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- Two Kentucky brothers were hurt in a small plane crash in Wisconsin. The FAA says the plane was owned by a man from Bowling Green.
The Oshkosh Fire Department says, the home built plane crashed Wednesday, when it lost power while landing.
Fire officials say the pilot and passenger are brothers from Kentucky.
While they had to be removed from the plane's wreckage, their injuries are not life threatening.
The NTSB says the plane was a two seater that was built from a kit.
Police believe the two men were in Wisconsin, to attend the annual Experimental Aircraft Association's Air Venture.
The single engine plane is registered by the FAA to Douglas Rohrer, of Bowling Green, who works for WKU's Research and Development Department.
"His brother had a problem with his knee and some other issues. Doug had some lacerations. I think the way he put it his feet were very badly damaged. If you take a look at the image of the crash, you can see where the plane is crumpled. I assume that the nose gear collapsed and that caused the front of the plane to go into the runway," said Jeff Hook, co-worker.
Hook confirms Rohrer is currently seeking medical attention in Wisconsin, but plans to make his way back to Bowling Green soon, for treatment.

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