An Organization is Urging Logan County Schools to Stop Alleged Distribution of Bibles in School

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It was at Auburn Elementary where one parent claims a small red Gideon's bible sparked controversy.

"In November, my son came home with a red Gideon Bible that he says was brought into his classroom by a man with a box, and the students were told if they wanted to accept it, they could come up to the front of the class and accept it," said concerned parent Heather Alms.

Alms says this puts young students in a compromising position.

"That puts that 10-year-old in a position where they have to choose whether or not to go up to the front of the class and take a Bible, that their family may not practice. They may not read that Bible," said Alms.

That's a position she says no child should be left in.

"It's not about religion, it's about providing an opportunity to learn in a safe environment where children are not isolated or ostracized due to cultural differences," said Alms.

Kentucky Equality Federation it's a legal issue. Palmer says the distribution of religious material in a public school violates section 5 of the Kentucky Constitution.

"First of all, that's not legal or constitutional, but even if it were, if they can legally hand out one religious publication, then they can also hand out other religious publications." "Our order to them was to cease and desist immediately the distribution of, or permitting the distribution of any religious material in any manner to any student in the school district," said Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer.

This request came after Alms notified the Kentucky Equality Federation of her concerns.
Palmer says now they are awaiting a response from Logan County Schools and will take further legal action if their requests are not met.

The superintendent of Logan County Schools declined to comment, other than to say they are working with the school board's attorney to evaluate their options, and plan to respond to the Kentucky Equality Federation with their decision soon.

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