Kentucky Gives Day Will Benefit Local Charities

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Kentucky Gives Day will be the state's first online fundraising event for charitable organizations all over Kentucky, many of them right here in our area.

The need for your help could be seen in this year's United Way campaign video with one girl's story of courage.

"I was at cross country practice, and I remember it being a very special day to me, because the coach had just asked me to run varsity cross country, and I was really super excited to tell my parents, and they never showed up to pick me up. My coach eventually took me home, and when we got to my house there were like 12 cop cars. All my stuff was already packed up and the next day, I was in a completely new home with a completely new family," said one former CASA client.

Court Appointed Special Advocates, or CASA of Southern Kentucky, helps children, many in foster homes with stories like these, get the lives and education they deserve by advocating for them in court for free.

"So they can continue their education, and some of the youth we work with are students at Western or the vocational schools," said CASA of Southern Kentucky Director Will Constable.

Foster children, particularly those who have been abused or neglected are represented by volunteers, and even the youngest of children need help.

"Birth through age 21. Even children who are born drug addicted because their mothers have been using drugs are eligible for our services as we advocate for them in the court system," said Constable.

The advocates are volunteers, and the funding comes mainly from people like you.

"6/7 of our budget is from United Way, Crusade for Children, the Network for Good, individual donors and fundraising events," said Constable.

Constable says they always need more, more funding and more volunteers

Casa is just one of more than 350 organizations you can donate to this Wednesday.

For more information on Kentucky Gives Day, see the related link below.

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