Kentucky Jailers Conference Raises $14,000 for Family of Fallen Officer

Officer Jason Ellis
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Jailers and staff from all over the Commonwealth gathered in Bowling Green this week for the Kentucky Jailers Conference.

The jailers used it as an opportunity to help the family of a fallen officer. More than 400 jailers and deputies from 120 counties gathered to brush up on their skills.

"Security measures, contraband, search... different things to keep us up to date," said Hopkins County Jailer & KJA Vice President Joe Blue.

The conference also gave them a chance to troubleshoot issues together.

"We network. If this one may not here about it, but the other one may, they let us know how they dealt with it, or how we should deal with it," said Blue.

As a vital part of law enforcement, the jailers work closely with police.

"We're very much a part of the police officers and very much a part of the court systems. We all have to work together to make sure it runs properly," said Blue.

Because of that partnership they wanted to do their part in helping the family of fallen Bardstown Police Officer Jason Ellis.

"One of our members brought up that we needed to possibly do a fundraiser. When we started that, some of the people in the room started offering money... things like that, and we passed a hat," said Carroll County Jailer Michael Humphrey.

Within hours, the jailers alone gathered about $2,000.

"It's an honor to be able to help another agency, especially the family. That's what we looked at. I think this gentleman left a wife and some children, and to help them through life, and hopefully they have a good life after this, which will be a hard thing for them to do," said Humphrey.

By the end of the week, jailers, deputies and vendors at the convention raised $14,000 dollars for the Ellis family.

Kentucky State Police are still looking for Officer Ellis' killer. If you have any information regarding the crime contact KSP Post 4 at (270) 766-5078.

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