Kentucky Judge's Death Possibly Linked to Meningitis Outbreak

The family of a Kentucky judge says the death of their family member may be linked to the recent meningitis outbreak.

Kentucky Circuit Court Judge Eddie Lovelace died at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville on September 17th.

The Tennessean newspaper reports in July and August, Lovelace received three rounds of the pain-relieving steroid shot suspected of causing the meningitis outbreak.

His wife, Joyce, says representatives from Saint Thomas Outpatient Neurosurgery Center called her twice after his death to discuss his condition.

Joyce says they never mentioned the outbreak, but she thinks that's why he died.

Vanderbilt confirmed the first death from the outbreak was a 78 year old man on September 17th.

Judge Lovelace was 78 years old.

The Lovelace family says he died from a stroke, and had symptoms related to fungal meningitis like slurred speech, trouble walking, and numbness.

Judge Lovelace's death has not been confirmed as being caused by the meningitis outbreak.

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